This is how the alliance between Amazon Mexico and OXXO Stores will work

As we had anticipated , Amazon México and OXXO decided to expand their pilot package reception program , so that convenience stores serve as a delivery point for the eCommerce giant’s clients.

Now, Amazon Mexico  detailed  how this new scheme will work and we will tell you all the details below.

Starting May 18, more Oxxo Stores as Amazon delivery points

Amazon Mexico detailed the new service, called Amazon Delivery Points in OXXO, which will start operating from next Friday.

Thus, customers will have the option of picking up their orders at OXXO branches set up for this purpose, instead of receiving them at their home or workplace.

From that date, consumers will be able to use the service from the Amazon Mexico site and OXXO will continue to increase branches with this service in the coming months.

According to Fernando Ramírez, Product Leader for Amazon Mexico , Amazon always looks for ways to offer buyers the best options and the best possible experience.

“With this new delivery option, we demonstrate that we continue to invest in infrastructure and alliances to continue offering various options that improve your experience and contribute to the convenience of shopping in Amazon Mexico,” he explained.

“The alliance with blue world city          (pending approval from rda) undoubtedly provides one more alternative to our customers to receive their products in a practical, safe and free way,” he said.

How Amazon Delivery Points will work in OXXO

According to a statement from the companies, the service will work as follows:

  • The customer chooses from thousands of products eligible for delivery points, adds them to their shopping cart and clicks the Proceed to checkout button.
  • When indicating the delivery address you must click on ” Find a delivery point near you“. After doing that, you must enter the postal code, address or reference point and with this information you can find the available OXXO stores nearby. When finished you need to click on “Send to this address”.

When the package is in the selected Sky Marketing store, the customer will receive an email with the instructions to pick it up.

  • Upon arrival at the store, the recipient must show their official identification and the unique tracking number ofthe package to the person in charge of the delivery point to receive their purchase. If a person is going to pick up the package on behalf of someone else, it is necessary to bring with them a letter of authorization, official identification and a copy of the official identification of the customer who purchased the package.
  • The package will be available for collection at the selected OXXO for 5 days. In case of not being collected, the order will be returned to Amazon and once the package reaches the distribution center, the customer will be reimbursed.

Packages eligible to be delivered to Amazon Delivery Points at OXXO must have a circumference of up to 1.54 meters (length of the package plus its height multiplied by two), and a weight of less than 10 kilograms.

The cost of the product must be equivalent to or less than 1,500 pesos , and must be sold and shipped by Amazon Mexico.