Fable Anniversary cheats for Xbox 360






You defeated the dragon and threw Jack’s mask into the lava (or put it on to be him!).


Someone unexpected appears

You have reached Jack and you have made the most difficult decision of all.


You are a superplayer

You found all the silver keys! If it’s the second time since 2004, you’re a superplayer!


Get out of the pan …

You showed someone how you feel about him … with a skillet.


How important is education

Children read again and Albión is a smarter place. At the moment.


I’m legendary

You have gone from chasing chickens to legendary hero. You are a monster!


Of the humblest acorn

Childhood is left behind. Next stop: puberty. 5 years of uncontrolled await you.


The graduation

Your student credit is over. It will take years to buy a house, but hey! You have graduated!


To become a man

You went to the Orchard Farm, you made some decisions and now you must live with them.


Bloodline 1

You found your sister, who knows little of how relevant she is to Albion’s future.


Under the full moon

You have killed the white balverino known as Jimmy. How ironic that he was allergic to dogs.


Done, gladiator!

You have won the Arena, and there is no higher prize for a hero! Now, to save the world!


Family’s friend

Did you say a bad word to the stones? It doesn’t matter: the annoying Archaeologist is safe!


Fishing in a graveyard

Who fishes in a cemetery? Well you … Nostro is at peace, so go to more normal places.


Bloodline 2

You have located your mother, who knows little of how irrelevant it is to the future of Albion.


There is always a lighthouse

With Maze out of the game, it’s time to save your big sister. You know, the tft cheat sheetone.


Winter is coming

The trip to the Lost Bay gave you 500 miles for the BoatMiles card. A million and free travel!


Are you listening to me?

Who would have thought that the YMCA letters would keep so much knowing? It will be the clothes.


Complicated decisions

Will you ever hear the words “Hero, your health is low”? Did you choose correctly?


An achievement for every choice

Horns or halo? Your choice of headdress will have important consequences.


Open up a damn time

Talking stone doors with ridiculous riddles? We have already seen everything.


The beautiful or the beast

Mirror, mirror, who is the most (choose option) in the kingdom?


As a sylph is not

Either you have explored the world of Albion or now you are the size of the world of Albion.


Combat evolution

Spend your new experience wisely. And yes, you can rush to the bottom.


With the sword

This is how a sword is handled! You are an artist!


That’s my man!

You have completed a skill tree! Why aren’t you a real hero and go for all three?


Are you having fun or not ?!

You have completed the Arena without resting. Wasn’t this what you were here for?


See the future

Have you ever seen a smarter crystal than this?


Choice of religion

Making sacrifices is never easy. The decisions, the price … The reconcome.


Ego project

The world has seen your ego in all its fullness. Don’t let it go to your head.


Be rich or die trying

Being homemade is a bit like being the grim reaper. Why not combine both?


Fable heroes

The Bowerstone master loves Fable heroes. Or at least a part.


But you are a magician, hero

What kind of hero are you, the one who knows a little about everything or the specialist?


What a catch!

You have taught the reed, one way or another.


Chicken fight

Hitting people or kicking chickens doesn’t matter: everything is considered an achievement in Albion.


Arthur or Robin?

Whether you opted for the biceps or the eagle eye … you have chosen well.


And what do you sell?

Is that all, stranger? Come back when you want.


The hero of time

A true hero is one who can control time. And with extra if you did it with a green hat.


Marital relations

Marriage: two is company, three is a crowd!


The drinking game

Remember to drink responsibly, and whatever you do, never use an oven while it’s cooked.


No spoon

Mind control is fine, but great power comes responsibility … and fun.


Like a whisper

You have silenced Whisper in combat. Who said there are no knights left?


Feed the troll

Apart from this exception, remember: never ever feed trolls.


Summoner’s tail

Because creatures are not so bad when they fight for you!


Hoarder mode

You have 10 legendary weapons! Someone might think that you do it to make up for some lack …


Hero, watch over his health

Healing is not as satisfying as pain!


Gas killer

Well you have been deadly, look at the hole in your pants! Quick, find a haystack!


I did it by the knob

Achievement unlocked. You are ridiculous.


I’m dying of curiosity

One less silver key chest! Now you have to open them all, right?


The ultimate warrior

Your hero is the cane! What if you share an image of him on the Lionhead forums? [wink]



Standard achievements:

100G: Defeat the Secret Ultimate Super Boss.

30G: You are a super player: Find the 30 silver keys.

25G: Out of the frying pan: Express your feelings using a frying pan.
25G: Education Rules the Nation: Find Books for the Bowerstone Children.
25G: I’m Legendary: Earn enough popularity to be known as “Legendary”.
25G: From the smallest acorn: Take acorns from all the oaks.
25G: Graduation: Graduate from the Heroes Guild.
25G: Becoming a Man: Visit Orchard Farm to help.
25G: Lineage Part 1: Find out where your sister is.
25G: Under the full moon: Go to Knothole Glade under the full moon.
25G: Gladiator, Go !: Destroy all gladiators in the tournament.
25G: A family friend: Rescue the archaeologist, and find the entrance to Bargate prison.
25G: Fishing in a grave: Dig a grave and fish in it.
25G: The lineage part 2: Find your mother.
25G: There is always a beacon: Free Albion from his greatest traitor.
50G: A wild Jack appeared: Finish Jack.
25G: Winter is coming: Travel to the northernmost area.
25G: Are you listening to me ?: Find the speaking stone.
25G: Difficult decisions: Behind the bronze door is your destiny, you only need your close allies to die.

20G: Evolved Combat: Use an “Eras of …” potion with a combat multiplier of 20 or more.
20G: Aren’t You Having Fun ?: Complete all 8 rounds of the Arena without resting.
20G: Sword Fights: Hit three enemies at once with one hit.
20G: That’s my man: Get the maximum strength, ability or will.
20G: See the future: Connect SmartGlass to Fable Anniversary.

15G: Fable Heroes: Help the Bowerstone teacher find the hero dolls.

10G: Feeding a troll: Give the troll a sample of their own medicine.
10G: Summoner’s Tail: Summons a powerful creature to fight alongside you.
10G: Silent as a whisper: Defeat Whisper in battle without losing life.
10G: No Spoon: Using the power of the mind control an enemy, have them kill an ally.
10G: Horde Mode: Obtain 10 Legendary Weapons.

5G: Hero, his health is low: Heal a follower in the escort adventure.
5G: Ass Credo: Dress up as an assassin and kill an enemy.
5G: I did it for a Cheevo: Perform a headshot with a crossbow dressed as a woman with a beard and a red wig.
5G: Get it out of the chest: Open your first silver key chest.
5G: Ultimate Warrior: Cut your hair with a toupee, grow a beard and get a tattoo for the “Toupe and Tattoo” society.

Achievements with two ways to achieve:

25G: For each choice, an achievement: Be kinder than Avo, or badder than Skorm.
20G: Open your sleeves: Open all demonic doors, or cut the sleeve to one that is closed.
20G: Beauty or the Beast: Reach maximum ugliness or beauty
20G: It is not on rails: Visit all regions (except the demon gates) or get fat.
15G: Project Ego: Show a trophy to all possible witnesses in the trophy minigame, or decorate your home with a trophy.
15G: But you are a magician, a hero: Learn a spell of each type, or get a type weapon.
15G: What a Gulf !: Win first prize in the fishing competition, or complete a naked adventure.
15G:Get rich or die trying: Earn 10,000 gold coins based on rent, or die.
15G: Fighting Cock: Become the fist fighting world champion, or win the chicken hat in the chicken kicking competition.
15G: Arthur or Robin ?: Take the sword out of the stone, or win the highest prize in the archery competition.
15G: Choosing My Religion: Donate a total of 100,000 gold to the Avo Temple, or sacrifice 10 people to Skorm’s Chapel.
10G: What are you selling ?: Earn money by selling to a merchant, or steal an item using the expression “Steal” from a merchant.
10G: The Time Hero: Eat a sunfish at Bowerstone during the day, or a golden carrot at night.
10G:Marital relations: Receive a gift from your wife, or flirt with an admirer in front of her.
10G: The Drinking Game: Drink to vomit, or help a friendly villager get drunk.